Distance Agreement

Terms and Conditions



By ordering items listed (the Goods) from this Website you confirm, that you have read and agreed with the terms and conditions of the Distance Agreement. In case you disagree with one or more terms, please write to our email: [email protected] to discuss the matter.

The Distance agreement is concluded among two parties: the owner of this this website www.podusetaclayspirit.com (the Website) SIA Podusēta, Registration Nr. 40103579226, Legal address: Spīdolas 13-11 Lielvārde LV-5070, Office address: “Podusēta” Ozolmuiža rural territory, Rēzekne municipality LV-4633, Latvia, SEB bank, UNLALV2X IBAN: LV89UNLA0050019897150 hereinafter referred to as the Trader, and the person who orders Goods from the abovementioned website, hereinafter referred to as the Consumer.


1. Order and payment

The goods must be ordered at the Website. When the order is completed, you will receive an invoice to your indicated email address, which serves as a confirmation to your order. Once the invoice is received you have to pay the amount indicated in the invoice in 3 (three) working days with a bank transfer to the bank account of the Trader (either in your local bank or using Internet banking). Once the Trader has received the transaction of the specified amount, the Trader will contact you during 24h to inform you about the delivery.

2. Delivery options and costs

2.1 We deliver for free to the following countries:

The countries within the European Union, i.e., Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden .

2.2 If your country is not included in the list above, you cannot order from the Website. In such case please email to [email protected] we will send you an invoice that will include the value of the Good and the delivery costs.

2.3 The prices indicated on the Website do not include import duties that may be required to be paid in order to receive the shipment in your country, it is up to the Consumer to check if such duties apply before placing the order.  


3. Shipment

The order is shipped within 3 (three) working days after the payment is received in the Trader’s bank account.

4. Availability

4.1 If the Good ordered is sold out, you will be informed by email or telephone within one working day from the placement of the order.

4.2 The availability indicated on the Website has solely informative purpose, it is updated every 24h.


5. Withdrawal and return

5.1 The Consumer has a right to return the Good to the Trader within 14 (forteen) days and receive a refund.  The Consumer has to post the Good to the address of the Trader: “Podusēta” Ozolmuiža rural territory, Rēzekne municipality LV-4633,

Latvia (working days from 9.00 to 19.00), covering the costs of the return.

5.2 For a Good that has been returned according to the withdrawal rights the Trader makes a refund within 14 (fourteen) days after the Good is received, by transferring the amount to a bank account provided by the Consumer. Refunds in cash are not possible.

5.3 The consumer is responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the Goods during the withdrawal period. The Consumer shall be liable for any diminished value of the Goods resulting from the handling of the Goods other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.

5.4 The Good must not be damaged, it has to have the initial look (with labels, protective covers) and unused. The Good has to be returned in its original packaging, complete; it has to contain all the additional items as received.

5.5 The costs of delivery are covered by the Consumer (except if the case of a non-confirming Good). If the Consumer wants to return the Good during delivery, it has to be returned back at the post office / to the carrier, by filling in the withdrawal form.

5.6 If the packaging is damaged, the Consumer is responsible to discover that upon receiving the Good and to return it immediately. If any damage is discovered later, the Trader cannot bear any responsibility for it.


6. Non-confirming goods

6.1 The colour, shape or other characteristics of the Goods listed on the Website may slightly differ from that in the photos. All photos correspond to the original Goods, however the photos have solely informative purpose.

6.2. The request regarding a non-confirming Good is to be e-mailed to the Trader and will be handled according to the corresponding legal procedures. The Good itself is to be posted to the address of the Trader: “Podusēta” Ozolmuiža rural territory, Rēzekne municipality LV-4633, Latvia (open: working days from 9.00 to 19.00).


7.   Disputes

7.1. With respect to any dispute regarding the Website, all rights and obligations and all actions contemplated by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Republic of Latvia.

7.2. The parties acknowledge here that they will try to settle any disputes relating in any way to the Website or arising from execution, interpretation or termination of this Distance agreement through mutual negotiations.

7.3. If parties are unable to settle the arising disputes through peaceful mutual negotiations, all disputes, disagreements or claims shall be settled by courts of the Republic of Latvia


8. Information exchange and personal data

8.1 The Trader communicates with the Consumer by the email or telephone provided by the Consumer.
8.2 The Consumer messages the Trader using the section “Contact us” or other contact information provided on the Website.

8.3 By providing his/her contact details, the Consumer agrees to be contacted for the purpose of this agreement.

8.4 SIA Podusēta is under obligation to disclose personal data to state and municipal officials in cases provided for by law.
8.5 SIA Podusēta takes all possible measures to ensure the safety of your personal information and to protect it

against theft, loss, malicious use as well as unauthorised access, disclosure, modification and damage thereof.

8.6 If the customer who has ordered and bought the product online does not have legal capacity and/or legal capacity to act, the lawful representative of this person (e.g., parents, guardians) shall be responsible for the ordering and the payment for the Good. In this event, the order shall not be cancelled and the payment effected shall not be returned. 


9. Termination of the agreement

The Consumer has a right to terminate the agreement if the Trader has failed to fulfil his obligation to deliver the Goods at the time agreed upon.





The terms and conditions of this distance agreement are drafted according to the following legislation:


·         Republic of Latvia Consumer Rights Protection Law;

·         General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

·         Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on consumer rights


We thank you for cooperation!

Sincerely Yours,

SIA Podusēta

Registration Nr. 40103579226,

Legal address: Spīdolas 13-11 Lielvārde LV-5070,

Office address: “Podusēta” Ozolmuiža rural territory, Rēzekne municipality LV-4633, Latvia


IBAN: LV89UNLA0050019897150